Thursday, February 11, 2010

Texas 7:05am

Woke up to a dusting of white that they say will turn into 6 inches of snow by tomorrow morning........


  1. You just can't escape the snow can you?

  2. Great picture Holli. A little dusting like this is really pretty & thankfully you don't have to deal with the feet of snow they're getting other places.

  3. Hi Holli with an i ! Texas snow! You can't beat it! Wanted to hare two things with you gals!! 1. go list your blog on Texas Blogging Gals! It is free and will create more traffic to your blog.

    2. Go set up a free profile on Mid Chix......a new friend network for women. You can add your blog link on your profile and add it to the blog roll on the group "flock" Perky Mama Bloggers! It will also create traffic! Get each of your blog authors to do the same. There you go! Two perky happy tips for the day!!! Have fun!
    Mama Holli......with an i.........from Texas! I always help a fellow Texan out! It is just the way we Texans are!

  4. Mid Chix.......forgot to give you the link......

  5. Holli...

    That is just wrong! We were supposed to have snow and now it is sunny again!