Monday, July 12, 2010

Texas 2:41pm

one load after another today


  1. This is what my Mondays are like, too!

  2. When I was the Home and School president, I had this lovely lady who helped me. Her name was Debra. One day, a Monday, I was stuck because the original volunteer who had agreed to help me bailed on me, so I had to call Debra at the last minute.

    She spent the whole morning and most of the afternoon helping me with the New Parents Tea, and at some point she told me it was her laundry day. I felt bad that I put her behind on her schedule, but she said she would have rather spent the day with me.

    A few weeks later, Debra was going home from school after dropping her kids off, and she stopped at a Wawa, a convenience store, to get milk. After she got in the car. she slumped over and died in the parking lot. No warning! Just like that! She was about 32 and had two young children.

    I was heartbroken. I can never think of laundry day esp. on a Monday without thinking of her. I always remember her with great fondness and sadness. I think about her children, but mostly I think about what a sweetheart she was and I miss her.

    I know you all will appreciate the story. Funny how we still think about people so many years later.