Saturday, August 28, 2010

Arizona - 7:25 pm

This is for my mom...
Do you see what I'm eating?  Chicken Madeira.  Chicken covered in mushrooms.
Can you believe it?!?
It's a far cry from the Blue Bayou* restaurant, huh?
(* When I was little, on a family trip to Disneyland we ate dinner at the Blue Bayou restaurant which is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  My parents had the gaul to order sauteed mushrooms for an appetizer.  I was so disgusted by the smell that in addition to wearing my pirate mask/children's menu I wrapped the cloth napkin around my mouth and nose so as not to suffer.)
P.S. - If you go to The Cheesecake Factory the chicken madeira is delicious...mushrooms and all.


  1. I so love Cheesecake Factory!

  2. I was so shocked to see mushrooms on your plate!!

  3. I'm cracking up your comment, mom. Holli says you told her that her tastebuds change every 7 years.

    I used to feed my liver to the dog under the table, or store it up in my mouth and spit it out in the toilet after I got a mouthful.

  4. Teri, I think Lizzi's mom wrote that comment up there.... :-)

  5. LOL, yeah. I just figured that out. I have to keep my moms straight!

  6. I need to go to The Cheesecake Factory! NEED!