Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Arizona - 9:11 pm

We had a computer episode Monday night.
The boy pulled the laptop and portable external hard drive down off the island.
Computer was fine.  Hard drive?  Not fine.
USB port was banged up and no computer would read the drive.
The drive with thousands and thousands of photos on it.  All of Beau's photos.
Fortunately my friend Suzanne came to my rescue. 
She told me to simply switch the drive out with the one in my other portable hard drive to use the good USB port to transfer files.
So we pried open drives (not easy at all), rendering the cases useless.
After holding my breath while putting all these foreign computer parts together I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when my laptop started reading the drive.  
My files were fine! 
And now they are all safe and sound on a new drive which will sit on my desk upstairs out of sight of any munchkins.


  1. Oh thank god!! I would have been freaking out too...

  2. God love children! One day they completely leave something alone and the next day, disaster. Glad you were able to recover everything!