Saturday, May 8, 2010

Utah - 2:37 pm

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!!


  1. Aww...Happy Birthday Baby J!! She is just so precious...and I can't believe she's one already!!

  2. I can't believe J Baby is 1 already--it seems like only yesterday you were counting down the days! Could you ever have imagined how wonderful she would be?!

  3. oh little princess, you are 1 year old already.
    It is amazing to me how fast time flies. Your grandma has shared all of your beautiful photos throughout the last year, and it makes us all feel like a part of your special day.

    I have voted you the baby with the best darn smile in the world!

    Happy Birthday, and Congratulations to Grandmom and Mom for having such an awesome girl.

  4. Oh she looks so cute... what a sweet little girl she is now....