Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Texas 10:15am

I rushed to the store to beat this storm this morning.  I hate loading groceries into the car in the pouring down rain.  That is definitely no fun ....... 


  1. Eww yuck weather - that's how it is here right now.

    My wisdom teeth grew in when I was around 18, and they hurt but then never bothered me. The dentist said that the problem is essentially they don't have enough room, which means they're too hard to brush properly and are just going bad :o( The upper right one is the one causing the pain I guess, and that one definitely needs to come out. I could technically wait on the others, but they're on their way down the same path, so she said I should just get them all out now. It'd end up costing me more if I waited until each one hurt and got them pulled individually.

    Luckily my doctors office is nice, and they gave me some forms to try to get some help with the cost. If I get denied for that, then... well, I'll worry about it then I suppose.

  2. Wow. Those are some unusual looking traffic lights -- like long arms sticking straight out across the intersection. I'm wondering how they don't fall down. They look twice as long as anything we have out here!! (Maybe Texas really DOES have things twice as big as anywhere else?)

  3. Bad storm for sure. I was just checking the weather here and see it's in Northern Louisiana but not heading our way, thank goodness. It is looking rather dark here though.

    They have some of the same traffic lights in New Orleans. They used to have them on poles on the right side of the road but it was confusing to most drivers from out of town so they mounted them up on top liket this. I don't think it helped any because the people there still drive crazy.

  4. There was a storm moving into Omaha this a.m. as I was driving to work that made it dark as night. I must admit to speeding down the expressway trying to get to work before it caught up to me. Thanks heavens I did--we got and inch and a half of rain in an hour!